How Robokacija used MAKERbuino
to organize workshops for kids

“Robokacija is a learning association that I started while I was working as an engineer for Rimac Automobili car factory.

My desire was to make children more interested in programming, robotics and electronics and to help them learn faster.

So far we’ve had over 1000 workshops with over 600 participating children.”

Ivan Kunović

founder, Robokacija

What are the kids’ impressions? Do they like the idea of a DIY game console?

Children were thrilled, especially when their console started up for the first time.

They love soldering and working with their hands, that delights them the most.

Do you think that kits like MAKERbuino should have a place in formal education?

Definitely. This console was created for education! The soldering process is very well defined and the device can be soldered by primary school children with just a tiny bit of your guideance.

Also, MAKERbuino’s „retro“ hardware makes it very resilient, which is very important for an educational device. Don’t even get me started about the further introduction to programming and getting to know the electronic elements in practice instead of borning textbook learning.

What new skills did the children aquire?

Primarily, the ability to solder.

I think that this kit’s most impressive feature is its variety of electronic components that you have to solder.

You get everything – from very simple ones like resistors and capacitors to 28-pin microcontroller sockets.

Also, it’s great that the kids get to learn about the included components’ purpose and memorize their names.

What is your favorite thing about MAKERbuino?

You don’t have to know anything about electronics or programming to do something as remarkable as this.

This set literally shows you that sophisticated electronic devices like smartphones and game consoles aren’t only made by robots and super-smart engineers and that you can easily create an electronic device yourself.

Would you organize another MAKERbuino workshop?

They are already underway and places are reserved. 🙂

Join the adventure!