Explore the chips

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1. LY68L6400SLIT RAM Chip

This chip is called LY68L6400SLIT and it handles any extra-quick tasks that the main process, ESP-WROOM-32, needs done!

2. PAM 2320

PAM 2320 is a Voltage Regulator outputting 3.3V to be used in the circuit!

3. Voltage Regulators

Here we have two different regulators outputting various voltages.
  1. The one on the left - 1.2V
  2. The one on the right - 2.8V

4. TP4054 Chip

This chip is what keeps your LiPo battery safely charged!

5. CH340CChip

Thanks to this little guy, Wheelson can communicate with your computer over USB! 

6. UMH3N Chip

This chip allows Wheelson to switch between Run Mode and programming mode!

7. Co-Processor Chip (N76E616AL48)

The Co-Processor helps the main ESP-WROOM-32 chip out! It manages things like:
  • Motor Drivers
  • Buttons
  • Measures battery voltage.

8. TC1508S Motor Drivers

These small components talk to the Motors and make sure they know what to do! Each chip can control 2 motors, with 2 different channels!

9. G3035 Mosfet

This component is like a little switch that we can control. This allows the processor to turn on/off our Wheelsons headlights automatically!

10. Camera (OV2640) + Camera Connector

The camera connector uses a ribbon cable to quickly receive what Wheelson is currently seeing from the OV2640 camera! This goes straight to the ESP-WROOM-32 for processing!

11. RGB Led

And finally, we have a simple RGB LED that can be directly programmed to turn into any colour you wish! Pretty cool right?