Uploading the program via the included RS232-to-USB converter

Uploading the program via the included RS232-to-USB converter

This is the easiest way to get your game up and running on the MAKERbuino.

You just need to connect the RS232-to-USB converter (the tiny red board included in the package) to your MAKERbuino, connect the converter to your PC via USB cable and hit the arrow symbol in the upper left corner of the Arduino IDE.

You can upload your code by selecting Sketch -> Upload as well. But let’s do this step by step.

Let’s start by connecting the RS232-to-USB converter to your MAKERbuino.

The RS232 or UART port is located at the top left corner of your MAKERbuino. It is a female header with 6 pins, labeled as Serial Programmer on the backside of the PCB.

The description of each pin is printed on the backside of the PCB too.

If you compare the pin descriptions of the MAKERbuino and the RS232-to-USB converter you’ll notice that they’re in the same order except for one pair of pins: RX and TX.

random image

The reason is quite simple: RX means “receive” and TX means “transmit”.

So, if the converter is transmitting data, the MAKERbuino has to receive it. If the MAKERbuino is transmitting data, the converter has to receive it.

That’s why these pins are crossed and why you need to connect RX->TX and TX->RX.

Turn your MAKERbuino ON after you’ve connected the converter!

random image

The next step is to connect the converter to your PC.

This is quite easy as you only need a common mini USB cable to establish the connection between your PC and the converter.

Please Note: It may take a while until the converter is ready to be used if you’ve connected the converter for the first time.

Your Operating system needs to install the corresponding driver first.

A new COM-Port should appear once the installation is done.
 Now you need to tell the Arduino IDE which COM-Port should be used.

You can achieve this by selecting Tools -> Port -> [NEW COM-Port].

random image

Now you’re good to go! Just hit the arrow in the upper left corner of the IDE or select Sketch -> Upload.

A couple of seconds later, you should see something like this on your MAKERbuino:

random image

Congratulations, you’ve just uploaded a program to your MAKERbuino!

If you want to go back to the SD card menu, power OFF your MAKERbuino, hold the C-button, turn the bu
ino back on, release the C button and wait for 20 seconds.