Using an emulator

Using an emulator

Emulators are a great way to test your program/game if you’ve just ordered your MAKERbuino but didn’t receive it yet.

There are a couple of Gamebuino-compatible emulators available:
  • Gbsim (Debian/Ubuntu and Windows)
  • RetroMicro (Android)
  • Simbuino (Windows)
  • Simbuino4Web (HTML5)
We’ll use Simbuino4Web as it is really easy to use and doesn’t require any installation. You just need to upload your HEX-File and you can instantly test your game.

If you’ve already exported your compiled Binary a.k.a. HEX file (see Copying the HEX-file to your SD card), you’re almost ready to go.

Now go to There are two different options.

You can either upload a whole SD-card image file or just a single HEX-file. We’ll be focusing on the single HEX-file.

Hit the “chose file” button next to “Load a .HEX game file” and locate your “HELLO.HEX” file. The emulation will start right after the upload has finished.

random image
random image
That was easy, wasn’t it? An emulator comes in really handy if you want to test everything really quick!

And that’s it! You’ve learned a lot today! You now know how to setup the
Arduino IDE. And you know how to test your program/game in three different ways.

You can now try your hand out at programing a Pong game with our coding guide that you can find below: