Makerbuino build ch 10

Going further

We’d really love to hear what you think about the MAKERbuino and its build guide. Please tell us via or post your feelings on the CircuitMess community forum.

Making the MAKERbuino is just the beginning. Don’t let it sit in your drawer, join the community forum, make your MAKERbuino unique, code a game for it…

You can check out our beginner-friendly coding guide here: 
Here are a couple of ideas:

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Code your very own video game!

The red UART adapter board is used for connecting your MAKERbuino to your PC so that you can upload programs on it and get some useful debug info.

We are still working on a coding guide, but that didn’t stop a couple of community members from creating their own software for the MAKERbuino.In the meantime, a CircuitMess community member Tom started working on his own game development guide.

Download a game from the games gallery

Yes, there is a game gallery of compatible user-made video games here.

The process is simple, you’ll just have to load the game’s .HEX and .INF file to your SD card.

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Expand MAKERbuino’s hardware

MAKERbuino can be used for interfacing with Arduino-compatible hardware components and modules just like when using an Arduino UNO board.

Community user Dalemaunder already started doing interesting things in this field.

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Make a custom casing

Make your MAKERbuino unique with a custom casing! 3D print it, carve it out of wood or use Legos.

Make sure to show us your creation on the community forum.

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