Play some music!

This is where you can play the music that's already loaded on the SD card.

Later on, when you record your own remixes and learn how to transfer new music to the SD card, this is where you will find all of that.

Let us teach you how to use this feature...

Select Playback in the menu

Navigate through the menu by rotating the middle rotary encoder and select
Playback by clicking on that same encoder.

random image

Browse through the music list

Right after you click the Playback option in the menu, this music list should appear on display.

This is where you can see everything that's on the SD card.

Navigate through the list by rotating the middle encoder and select a song by clicking on the encoder.

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Let the music play

When you click on the song in the list, a player like this should appear on display.

random image

  • Start/pause - pause the song by clicking on the middle rotary encoder, play the song by doing the same thing.
Click on the encoder to pause

  • Rewind - rewind and seek by rotating the middle rotary encoder

Rotate the encoder to rewind

Adjusting the volume

You can adjust the volume by sliding the middle slider potentiometer like in the photo.
The maximum volume will be as loud as you set in the Settings option.

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Exiting the Playback

Exit the Playback by pressing two top rotary encoders like in the photo.

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