When you enter the Settings mode on your Chatter's menu, you'll be able to adjust the volume, brightness, sleep, shutdown time, and much more. 

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This is what the settings menu looks like:

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  1. Sound - You can turn sound on and off.

  2. Sleep time - After what time will your screen turn off; saves energy. You can adjust the sleep time or turn this setting off. If your screen turns off, press any button, and it will turn on. 

  3. Shutdown time - After what time will your device turn off; battery saver. If your device turns off, you can turn it on again using a switch or a reset button. Also, the device will turn on automatically if you receive a message.

  4. Brightness - To adjust the brightness of the screen.

  5. Factory reset - Like on your phone, use this setting to delete everything from the device.

  6. Hardware test - Perform this test if you suspect that any component doesn't work as it should. In case you can't complete the test, you should check your soldering joints. If you need help with making your Chatter work contact us via