You're invited to our super-secret VIP Discord chat server for STEM Box supporters

Hi everyone,

We've just created an exclusive Discord server for all our Kickstarter and Indiegogo STEM Box backers.

Come and join the show since we’ll share some cool and more frequent updates on our production process and the delivery of your packages. 

An invitation link was sent to your mailbox and via Kickstarter messages. 

If you didn't get it, tell me!

Who is this for?

You - our STEM Box supporters



I wanted to talk a bit more with our fans before, during, and after the fulfillment of the boxes. I value the power of your feedback and I try to listen to every single one of your comments before making important choices and developing new products.


 Do I absolutely need to join this?


This is optional and you'll be informed about your STEM Box's production and delivery progress the usual way. I won't stop writing kickstarter updates. Consider this something like Kickstarter updates DELUXE where you get to talk with me and the rest of the crew more directly.


Who can join this Discord channel?

Just the people that supported the STEM Box. Real people talking about the project. No trolls and no irrelevant comments by outsiders. 


What will you talk about in the Discord?

I'm still making this up on the go, but currently my plan is to:

- make polls about the product features that we should focus on

- show device prototypes

- share more frequent fulfillment and delivery updates

- chat with our backers in order to figure out what our supporters value about our products

- try to figure out what future stem boxes will be and what direction the project is heading


Welp, 2000 people in a single chat channel, this is going to be fun. What could possibly go wrong :) 


Talk to you on Discord! 

- Albert and the crew 

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