Working hard on Jay-D's software and hardware

Hi everyone,

Here's a short update on our progress with Jay-D. 


We're crunching hard to finish Jay-D's firmware and smash all the bugs we can find.

Here are a couple of screengrabs showing the current state of Jay-D's UI:


We've already produced and received a certain amount of components for your Jay-D's such as SMT components, acrylic sheets for casings, custom-molded plastic knobs, etc.

We're currently producing the casings on our laser cutters and preparing everything for PCB production.

We had a certain setback last week because we've figured out at the last minute that we'll need more RAM on Jay-D if we wanted to make everything work the way we initially imagined it. That required us to add an extra RAM chip to the design and reroute the PCB. 

This last-minute change was caused by bad planning and a miscalculation on our end but was ultimately the necessary thing to do. 

We're now rushing to get the final PCB panel tested and ready for production. 

Final PCB panel design

Last minute hardware changes are always fun (sarcasm)

When will Jay-D ship?

We're rushing and going as fast as we can to meet the March shipping date. 

The estimated shipping date is late March or early April.

I'll keep you posted more frequently on our progress.


I didn't receive my Spencer 

Please get in touch with us via

Everybody should have received their Spencer by now, but there is a certain number of backers that still didn't fill out the survey and give us their addresses. Reach out to us and we'll help and get your Spencer delivered.


Thanks and stay tuned for more updates

- Albert and the team


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