Update on Synthia's development

Hi guys,

We're currently working on developing Synthia and have come up with a hardware design that we're very pleased with. Check out what it looks like below. 

However, this week has also been full of inconveniences impacting our development.

Global transport slowed down due to geopolitical conflicts and increased gas prices. The current lockdown in China closed down all the hardware factories in Shenzhen, which also significantly impacts us and our ability to obtain the parts we need to continue the development.

Development is still going forward, but these events are not making it any easier. Due to those issues, we've had to substitute a few chips like the LED driver and I2S DAC chip. 

We've made various other changes that will improve the user experience. For example, we changed the layout of the buttons, LED diodes, and a couple of other things. 

Check out Synthia's current hardware look; pretty awesome, right?

Stay tuned for more updates!


- Albert & the CircuitMess team

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