Still going strong!

Hi guys, 

Unfortunately, this week has been full of inconveniences that are impacting our development. 

Global transport slowed down due to geopolitical conflicts and increased gas prices. The current lockdown in China closed down all the hardware factories in Shenzhen, which also significantly impacts us and our ability to obtain the parts we need to continue the development. 

Development is still going forward, but these events are not making it any easier. 

An interesting change is that we're testing out the new version of the ESP32 chip released this year. 

ESP32 is the main processor used on the Batmobile. It's basically Batmobile's brain that handles all the bit crunching related to camera recognition and wireless communication. 


The new version we're testing is called  ESP-S3-12K. It has new functions, more CPU speed and more memory.

If you want to learn more about ESP-S3-12K, check this out:


Even with these challenges, we're still pushing through and giving it our all to continue the development.

As always, we'll keep you posted, so stay tuned. 



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