Spencer's coding support will be released in a week | shipping continues | please fill out the survey if you haven't already

Hey everyone,

90%+ of your STEM Box orders were successfully delivered (yay).

I must admit, this was the most difficult shipping operation we've done since I had founded CircuitMess in 2017.  

Put shortly; the challenges were caused by:  

- the holiday season and general difficulties every shipping company has in December every year 

- lockdowns across the world  

- Brexit

Croatia was hit by an earthquake 2 days ago, which is a second major earthquake this year, which caused some unprecedented challenges for our shipping schedule as well.

Despite all of this, the show must go on, and the shipping continues.

Spencer's coding support and source code will be published in a week  

We're working around the clock to push an update for CircuitBlocks that will allow you to code your Spencers. We can't wait to see all the cool things you're going to code.

If you haven't filled out the survey already, please do so. We cannot ship your package without your address

We still have 300+ backers that didn't fill out the survey.

If you cannot find the survey, please reach out to us via contact@circuitmess.com, and we'll help.

If you are having trouble filling out your survey, please reach out via contact@circuitmess.com.


STEM Box #2 is around the corner. Our schedule is very ambitious

With the second STEM Box's delivery around the corner, we're working on sourcing and preparing for production for our second box already.

In the second STEM Box, you'll get a Jay-D - a DIY mixtable.

Here is a glimpse of a super-secret Jay-D production prototype being assembled and tested:

2020 was tough, but we've done our best. Happy 2021 everyone

I wish you an amazing new year full of new ideas, soldering, electronics, tinkering, and whatnot.

Thank you for helping us make this amazing project happen and for following our work along the way.


I'll continue writing updates and keeping you people informed. As I said, the show must go on.


Thanks, and keep making

- Albert and the CircuitMess crew 

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