Making steady progress with Batmobile

Hi everyone!

This week we received a sample of the silicone work mat that you could get as an add-on with your Batmobile.

It has a lot of compartments that will keep all the components from moving all around your table and will help you not to lose anything. The mats are now being produced, and we'll have them all in about 15 days.

We also think it looks pretty cool; check it out:

Other than this, we also received these huge acrylic sheets that we'll cut into a smaller size to be the protective casing on the bottom of Batmobile.

We'll go from these huge acrylic sheets to the protective casing that will fit on your Batmobile like this:

We're currently working on cutting these casings. To cut them, we'll use our super cool CO2 Laser:

More updates coming soon, so stay tuned!

- Albert & the CircuitMess team

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