IMPORTANT - You need to take action if your payment didn't go through

Hi everyone,

After an amazing end of our CircuitMess Batmobile campaign, Kickstarter is charging all of your credit cards in order to get the amounts you have pledged.

This is how this system works: 

1) Once the campaign ends, your credit cards are charged. A percentage of backers become errored backers and have one week to fix their credit card information.

2) 7 days after the end — all errored backers become dropped backers and can no longer fix their credit card issues.

3) 14 days after the end — money is transferred from Kickstarter to our bank account.


Currently,  there are 205 backers for this campaign that need to fix their payment method. Kickstarter sent several notifications to all of you that have payment issues.

If your payment has failed, please follow this short tutorial to fix it:

1) Log into your Kickstarter account and click on the red banner that shows up on top of your screen.

2) Then, all your Important Notifications will show up. Find the notification that is telling you there was a problem processing your payment and click on "Fix payment".

3) A new window will open up where you have to click on the blue "Retry your payment" button. 

4) Finally, you'll be able to enter your correct credit card information. Double-check all the information you entered is correct, and once you do that, click on the green "Fix payment" button. 

5) That's it, you're all set!


Make sure that the credit card you're using to pay has sufficient funds on it.  


In my experience, if your credit card has enough funds and has still failed, you need to either:


A) try with a different card




B) call your bank and tell them to greenlight the transaction (this goes quicker than you'd think)


If you don't fix your payment on time, Kickstarter will cancel your pledge, and you, unfortunately, won't be able to get your Batmobile for the Kickstarter price (the best price ever that we'll never offer to customers outside Kickstarter).


If you do not know how to fix your payment issue, please contact me by sending me a message or leaving a comment below. 


Thanks, and keep making!


- Albert

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