IMPORTANT UPDATE - check and fix your payment method

Hey dear MAKERphone supporters,

As you already know, Kickstarter charges your cards after a campaign ends.

If your card is declined, Kickstarter will contine to send your warnings and reminders to fix or change your payment method.

Most of your credit cards went through, but there are still 104 backers with errored payment methods.
We've tried to reach out to these backers via every mean possible and we're posting this update in order to remind these backers one last time.

If your card was declined, you need to fix it by the end of the day, or Kickstarter will cancel your pledge.

When you login to your Kickstarter account, you will see a huge red "FIX PAYMENT METHOD" banner if your card was declined (really, you cannot miss it).

What you'll have to do is go into your SETTINGS and fix your payment method.

Kickstarter also has a great tutorial on how to do this here:

If you need any help, feel free to contact me directly via private messages or post a comment (I try to answer them as frequently as possible).

- Albert

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