IMPORTANT - Shipping is under way and we're doing it faster than Sonic the hedgehog

Gotta go fast! 

Can't believe this is finally happening! - Albert, 20

We've finally solved all of the production issues and your phones are being safely packed in bubble wraps and shipped with the fastest shipping option we have (YAY!)

[IMPORTANT] you'll get an email with the tracking number for your order and a tracking link. Please, check your email inboxes and follow your package via the tracking link.  We're using the email address that you've entered in the survey where you were choosing your casing colors.

If the courier doesn't successfully deliver your package, please contact the shipping service that was used (most packages are shipped by either DHL or DPD express) and arrange a new delivery time.

If there are any issues with your delivery, please reach out to us via Kickstarter messages or via and we'll help you out!

Packing as fast as we can! Expect your phone soon!

This is a huge moment for all of us at CircuitMess and I want to thank you all for sticking with us through the past 11 months.

We'll keep packing. Check your emails, you should get a tracking number in the following days. 





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