Helping provide free education to those in need

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Hi everyone!

We are very proud and fortunate to announce our partnership with Shiny Gloves Club — a non-profit organization committed to providing free education to children in impoverished communities in Africa.


Shiny Gloves Club puts all its efforts into providing kids with free education on topics such as science and engineering to inspire them to continue to create.

However, their current resources are limited, and their hope is to provide the kids with better resources that will help guide them through the educational journey.

This is where we step in. As a part of Jay-D’s launch, we’ll be donating STEM kits to Shiny Gloves Club to help their cause and empower more kids to start creating.


Our goal has always been to empower kids to start learning and creating on their own. So we’re truly honored to be a part of Shiny Gloves Club’s amazing story and mission to provide education to those who otherwise might not have access to it.


Check out Jay-D on our webshop and help us make a positive impact in kids’ lives.

-Albert & the CircuitMess Team

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