CircuitPet delivery + change in the STEM Box subscription delivery schedule

Hi everyone,

CircuitPets are currently being shipped, and you should receive them in the next two weeks.

If you haven’t received a confirmation mail with the tracking link yet, don’t worry; your CircuitPet is on its way, and everyone will receive the mail by the end of the next week.

We changed the shipping order

Another important piece of information is that instead of Clockstar, the next STEM Box you’ll get will be Armstrong.

Why did we change the shipping order?

The main issue we faced during the last year and a half was the ongoing semiconductor shortage and general supply chain problems.

We'd develop a product just to figure out that a critical component such as a processor completely disappeared from the market.

As a solution to this issue, we decided to switch the shipping order while we continue to search for a solution to the chip sourcing issue.

So, Clockstar will be shipped right after Armstrong.

This is the new shipping schedule:

What is Armstrong?

Armstrong is a DIY robotic arm that looks like this:

Armstrong can be programmed to perform different tasks - a perfect help for the upcoming lazy winter days.

With Armstrong, you’ll learn about:


  • Soldering and hardware assembly
  • Robotic arms and industrial automation
  • Reflective color sensors
  •  Microcomputers and other electronic components
  • Coding in C++
  • Controlling servo motors using a microcomputer
  • Embedded programming
  • Coding IFTT tasks

One other cool thing about Armstrong is the ability to connect it to Wheelson and ByteBoi.
You’ll use Wheelson as a super-smart robotic car and ByteBoi as a controller for Wheelson.

The estimated shipping date for Armstrong is in December.

Thank you for your understanding, and keep making!
-Albert and the CM team


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